3rd Grade Reading

Reading at grade level is one of the strongest predictors of later success in school.  Students reading at or above grade level in the earlier grades graduate from high school and attend college at higher rates than peers reading below grade level.

Our Local Data

The Standards Based Assessment (SBA) is a state-mandated annual test used to determine if students are meeting statewide performance standards. Students are proficient in 3rd grade reading if they receive a score of “proficient” or “advanced.” 2014 is the last year the state will use the SBA; a new assessment tool is being developed for 2015.

We are using data for all students, as well as data for 2013 disaggregated into multiple subgroups, including Economically Disadvantaged Students (EDS), and non-Economically Disadvantaged Students (non-EDS), as well as the seven categories of race and ethnicity composition reported by the Anchorage School District.  We are using this information to help us better understand our educational challenges and opportunities; it informs where we should target our future action plans and support; and it enables us to address the educational needs of the entire Anchorage community.