9th Grade on Track

As students transition into high school, it is an essential time to assess the factors that can put them at risk for dropout including attendance, discipline, grades and course completion.  

Our Local Data

Students who are "on track" to graduate have zero "at risk" indicators in the four areas of: chronic absence, GPA of 2.0 or lower, more than four suspensions and one or more F's in core courses.  Students who are "at risk" have two or more indicators.  In 2013, 59% of all 9th graders were on track; 44% of EDS students and 71% of non-EDS students were on track.

We are using data for all students, as well as data for 2013 disaggregated into multiple subgroups, including Economically Disadvantaged Students (EDS), and non-Economically Disadvantaged Students (non-EDS), as well as the seven categories of race and ethnicity composition reported by the Anchorage School District.  We are using this information to help us better understand our educational challenges and opportunities; it informs where we should target our future action plans and support; and it enables us to address the educational needs of the entire Anchorage community.