Why You Should Care About Attendance

As part of a business or organization, club or community group, the thought that you should care about attendance probably doesn't cross your mind. But in reality, you should care a lot about attendance. Why?  

1) Students who have good attendance are creating good habits that will make good work habits. You want your employees and members to show up on time and ready to work, learn and participate. There is no better time than while in school to learn that habit. 

2) High attendance means better grades, better grades mean a higher chance of graduating high school. The more students we have graduating high school, the more adults we have ready for the work force, earning more money to stimulate the economy, and committing less crime. 

3) Successful kids are good for our community. Attendance is the foundation of success in school, and the more kids we have achieving their full potential, the more our whole community will benefit. 

How can you affect attendance in Anchorage? Become an Attendance Champion! As an Attendance Champion you will help us spread the word about the importance of attendance, while showing your employees, customers and the community that you care about education. We provide the materials while you commit to a month of being an Attendance Champion. CLICK HERE to learn more, or contact Kelsey at kpreecs@ak.org

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