Business Engagement

Our future employees (and customers) are in school now.  Creating tomorrow’s workforce starts now – with today’s youth – by making sure our kids are successful in school and graduate on time, with the necessary skills. Your business has an important role to play.


Monthly Attendance Champion
Anchorage businesses recognize that students who build good attendance habits in school grow up to be employees who show up for work regularly.  As attendance champions, businesses can take the lead in building awareness around good attendance habits. Learn more about how to get involved!

Business Partner
We are looking for business partners to join our three networks to share knowledge and expertise in continuous quality improvement processes such as Six Sigma and to ensure the networks are adhering to the partnership principles of:

  • Data-informed decision making
  • Consistent tracking of common indicators
  • Effective use of data for continuous improvement
  • Practices adapted for continuous improvement over time

Business partners do not need expertise in the content areas of the networks.  Click here for the full role description.  Contact June Sobocinski for further information.

  • Become an Anchorage School-Business Partner.

  • Engage employees to volunteer, tutor, coach or mentor students.

  • Participate in school events for career exploration.

  • Sponsor media campaigns.

  • Invest in the 90% by 2020 Partnership. 

  • Create opportunities within your organization for job shadowing or internships.

  • Ask youth to train employees on new technologies.

  • Bring youth with you to local business association meetings.

  • Consider youth advisory committees for product development or outreach.

  • Donate pro bono services in areas such as IT, marketing or finance to non profit organizations and service providers.  Access the Taproot Foundation's resources for building a pro bono program at your company.


  • Place the 90% by 2020 Community Partner badge on your website
  • Talk to your employees and share information with other business leaders.

  • Share your engagement stories with the press.

  • Connect with 90% by 2020 on Facebook and Twitter - help us share our stories, resources and links.