By The Numbers

The path to high school graduation starts before children even get to school. And along the way, students will reach other milestones that will help indicate if they will be successful in reaching high school graduation. 

If a child enters school ready for kindergarten, they are much more likely to be proficient in 3rd grade reading. If they are proficiently reading by 3rd grade, it makes it possible for them to succeed in 8th grade math. If they succeed in 8th grade math, they will have a higher chance of staying on track to graduate during their 9th grade year, which will make them far less likely to drop out of high school in the future. And if at any point in their academic career, a student becomes chronically absent, they will have a significantly harder time achieving these milestones.  


Kindergarten Ready

The first step to being successful in school is being ready for kindergarten. 

PLUS Schools

PLUS Schools was developed out of community conversations we facilitated to learn what was needed to make sure our students were successful. PLUS Schools works to connect students with supports from the community, whether it's receiving lunch every day, tutoring, or an after school club. 

When students get the supports they need, they are more likely to come to school, and therefore more like to hit the milestones along the way to high school graduation. 


Proficiency in 8th grade math

Over the years, the tools used to measure proficiency in 8th grade math have changed, so we are unable to compare year to year progress. 


9th Grade on track

Having the correct amount of credits by the end of a student's 9th grade year sets them up to succeed through the rest of high school until they reach graduation. 


high school graduation 

As you can see, there has been a steady increase over the last 10 years towards raising our graduation rate. But we still have a lot of work to do. There are significant achievement gaps but they are also improving.