Carlile Transportation Systems

Kudos to Carlile Transportation Systems for recently coordinating an open house to all the 4th graders at Mountain View Elementary (whom they have a school business partnership with).  The field trip was great fun for the kids, but also doubled as a crucial opportunity to expose young minds to future career options and gives them an incentive to stay in school.

The excursion included review of various jobs and duties, time on the dock to scream in a van, drove a forklift, got weighed on a giant scale, and spent time on a trucking simulator.

Carlile also encourages their employees to take time off work to volunteer in the community, especially to participate in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program and provides rides for students to and from school, if needed.


Our relationship with Mountain View Elementary proves to us that investing in our children is the best investment we can make, and that we must continue to give them opportunities to be the best.
— Harry McDonald, Carlile
tom barrett