90% by 2020 Community Engagement

It’s going to take a team if we’re going to reach a 90% graduation rate by 2020. Every community member has a stake in the success of our students, that’s why we aim to engage with the public and our community partners through fun and informational outreach programs. Whether it’s through our Graduation Station, inspiring those of all ages to dream big, or through our Attendance Champion program, spreading the message that attendance is the foundation for success in school, we’re working with our entire community to get the word out that education is important and the future health of our community depends upon it.



Our Graduation Station is free, fun and easy! It’s never too early to get kids and their families talking about graduation. We created the Graduation Station for families to think about the future and to have a fun experience. We’ll bring the back drop, the graduation caps, graduation gowns and the “class of” signs and help parents get a great photo!

For more information about bringing the Graduation Station to your next community event, contact Ariane Kelsey at akelsey@ak.org.

Pictured: Jacobs Engineering

Pictured: Jacobs Engineering

Pictured: Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Pictured: Alyeska Pipeline Service Company


HIGH ATTENDANCE is the foundation of success in school!

As part of the 90% by 2020 efforts to raise graduation rates, United Way of Anchorage has created the Attendance Champion program to get businesses in on the fun!

Attendance Champions help us share the #SchoolEveryDayANC message with their employees and customers.

Regular school attendance is a key indicator of whether a child will graduate high school and you are in a unique position to help us spread the word.

It’s a critical message, it’s easy to participate, and it’s free!

By becoming an Attendance Champion, you help share the message that attendance is important.

High attendance leads to:
– Better grades
– Better work habits
– High graduation rates

When more students have their high school diploma:
– We have a better prepared workforce.
– They have a foundation for future success.
– Our economy benefits.

 You are in a strategic position to influence the community perception and the value of the role we all play in helping our students succeed in school and reach high school graduation – even if we aren’t parents.

Join Us Today!

Attendance Champion Steps to Success PDF

Click here for Attendance Champion social media graphics and promotional materials.

Contact Ariane Kelsey at akelsey@ak.org if you are interested in becoming an Attendance Champion.


Do you want to make a big difference in a little person’s life? Students at Community PLUS Schools need mentors, tutors, coaches and activity leaders to help develop their skills in school and in life. If you’re interested in being that person, contact Kevin Sullivan at ksullivan@ak.org to find a role that matches your schedule.


Chalk the Walk

Community members from all walks of life come together to chalk the front entrances of our Community PLUS Schools with messages of hope and inspiration. Check out some of the amazing artwork in the photo gallery and learn more on United Way’s Notebook.

Grad Blitz

A collaborative community display to Anchorage high school graduates to show that we’re proud of their accomplishments and inspire future graduates to keep working towards their goals. See who participated in 2018 and drop by our Grad Chalk photo gallery to get in on the fun.



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