Collective impact

Collective Impact involves identifying people to come together over one goal. In this case, reaching our goal of 90% of on-time high school graduation rate by the year 2020. All of the collective impact goals are based on objective, measurable information; we are driven by local data and informed by community expertise gathered through community conversations along with national research. Agencies, organizations and individuals who engage in this work commit to sharing data and measurements and hold one another accountable for results.

Over 40 of Anchorage's business, education, nonprofit and community leaders have come together to form the Leadership Team driving 90% by 2020.  Three committees (Community Will Building, Investment and Data) work alongside the Leadership Team to integrate efforts, support communication and provide guidance.

Cradle to Career


While we have many strengths and successes to celebrate, not enough children in Anchorage are entering Kindergarten ready to succeed and not enough are graduating prepared for college, training and our local workforce. 

There are many places along the pathway from cradle to career where children are at risk for dropping out or falling behind – points where targeted community support and intervention could make the difference in keeping a child on track for success.

The 90% by 2020 Partnership is focusing on six key indicators, using school data to track progress. The initial three areas of focus are Ready for Kindergarten, 8th Grade Math and High School Graduation / Ready.  Click on the orange icons below to learn more about each priority area: