What happens when a community comes together?

In the past decade we've seen a steady increase in graduation rates in Anchorage, from 59% to 74%, and a groundswell in the community commitment to make sure our children and youth are supported and successful.  The 90% by 2020 Community Partnership now has over 100 individuals and organizations working together to get better results for all our kids.  We need your help.

Graduation Blitz 2015!
Thank you to all the businesses, organizations and community members who took part in the city-wide celebration to honor the class of 2015 and to let kids know that graduation is an important milestone that we value as a community. 

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Summer Learning
The trend of "Summer slide", when kids fall behind in reading and math over the summer months, is well-documented, cumulative and most damaging to children from low-income families. Nationally, about two-thirds of the 9th grade achievement gap in reading has been attributed to summer learning loss. Math skills erode even more.  

Learn how summer programs across Alaska are helping kids succeed and check out some fun and free summer learning ideas and resources to use at home.  #AKSummerLearning