High School Graduation


Increasing the number of students who will stay in school and graduate in four years has been a key focus for our work; it is a significant milestone that caps the traditional PK-12 educational experience.  Both national and local statistics show the power of a diploma when it comes to an individual’s health, income and opportunities for success.

We have seen a steady climb in Anchorage from a 59% four-year graduation rate in 2005 to 81.4% for the class of 2017 - the highest graduation rate yet! But we still have a lot of work to do to reach our goal of 90% high school graduation by 2020. 


Back on Track

The Back on Track initiative is a partnership between 90% by 2020, Covenant House and the Anchorage School District that allows homeless and at-risk youth to attend classes they need to get their high school diploma. United Way of Anchorage was awarded $750,000 over 2 years through the AT&T Aspire Grant to run this initiative. With an extra $30,000 from BP for hiring teachers and teacher's assistance, we will be able to help these youth achieve high school graduation. 

In our first year, we were able to help 51 students receive their high school diploma, with a total of 268 students served. In addition to offering extra support in the class, we are able to give "Wrap Around Services" that help students with non academic needs. We can assist with food, shelter, transportation, or even counseling. This model is key to student success - allowing them to be able to focus on completing their high school credits and not worrying about things like their basic needs. 

We are very proud of the Back On Track graduates,  CLICK HERE to read some of there stories. And check back in for more stories soon!

Anchorage Data: Four Year Graduation Rates

The graduation rate represents the percent of high school students who graduate from high school within four years and were awarded a diploma. Through 2014, students were also required to pass a High School Graduation Qualifying Exam (HSGQE) to receive a diploma.