lindsey childers
Civil Structural Engineer, BP Alaska
volunteer, PLUS community schools - Wendler middle school


How long have you been with (your company/organization)?
I’ve been working for BP Alaska for three years.

 What do you like about working for (your company/organization)?
As an engineer I get to solve problems using math and science.

How did you hear about the volunteer opportunity?
A United Way presentation at BP.

What made you want to volunteer in the first place?
I love volunteering.  I have always looked for ways to volunteer in the community, especially with youth and education.  Helping tutor kids in math is really fun, it’s great to be able to help kids understand the concepts and learn something.

 What project(s) have you been assisting with?
Tutoring one on one and in groups for a 7th grade math class.

 How does your day to day work relate to Education?
As a female engineer it is really important to me to encourage all kids to succeed in math and science. Growing up I loved school, and I want to make sure that I can support and inspire students to have a thirst for math and science and maybe become an engineer one day.

 What do you hope for the future of the volunteer opportunities
I hope that I can continue to volunteer in the classrooms to give teachers an opportunity to focus their efforts. I hope that by showing up I can make a difference in at least one student’s life, and hope they feel supported to grow and learn.

 Use three words to describe your volunteer experience thus far:
Teachers deserve respect.