Makar Eyecare is committed to making sure that Anchorage children have access to screenings, eye care and glasses through a program of mobile care provided at school sites across the Anchorage School District.

"The program began two years ago when a friend of mine requested that we consider coming to her school to do eye examinations," explains Makar's Dr. Elizabeth Lane.  Her friend, Marisa Glieco, was a teacher at Creekside Elementary School and had noticed along with her school nurse that there were a number of students who had failed vision screenings but still hadn't received treatment or glasses by the end of the year.  Marisa believed that bringing the eye exam to the school would help bridge the gap between letting a family know about a failed screening and getting the child in to see an eye doctor. 

Makar had some experience with traveling eye care and their tests had a mobile version so they packed up their supplies and went to Creekside Elementary for a trial run.  Since then, the program has expanded to serve 7 schools and they have provided screenings for over 150 students.

In this school-business partnership that has developed, school nurses pre-screen children before Dr. Lane is called in to perform comprehensive vision examinations for those students who need further attention.  The school and families are notified of students who are at high risk for vision problems and in need of glasses to make sure students get the necessary treatment and intervention.  Makar and Sight for Students, a charity that provides free vision exams and glasses to low-income, uninsured children, donate exams for those students who do not have insurance to cover the costs.

Anthony and Rebecca Makar were raised in Alaska and opened Makar Eyecare in 2004.  The office has grown to include a total of 5 optometrists - Dr. Anthony and Dr. Rebecca Makar, Dr. Elizabeth Lane, Dr Alyx Morey, and Dr. Eliza Salvo.  Their goal is to get patients in with a provider within one week of calling to schedule - on the same day for urgent care.  They offer a full range of services and treatment to cover glasses and contact prescription and fittings, ocular disease, and preventative health.  In addition to Makar's program with Anchorage schools, they are also School Business Partners with Creekside and Lake Otis elementary schools.



Dr. Elizabeth Lane performs a screening at Williwaw Elementary School

Dr. Elizabeth Lane performs a screening at Williwaw Elementary School

Although we are faced with significant challenges when doing off-site service, it is rewarding for all involved when individuals with previously undiagnosed visual system problems are discovered and treated for the first time.
— Dr. Anthony Makar, Owner of Makar Eyecare