NELson carpluk
business analyst, alyeska pipeline service company
Kindergarten ready Network

How long have you been with Alyeska Pipeline?
about 4 ½ years.

What is one of your favorite parts about working for Alyeska Pipeline?
I enjoy doing a job I feel matters to others, at a company that I focusing on its employees and the community, as well.  The people who work here are great.

How did you hear about the Network?
While talking with our President, Tom Barrett, we wound up discussing some areas of the community where opportunities for volunteering were available.  This had popped up in our discussion as a way to lend a resource to the effort.

What made you want to join the Network?
This seemed like a great network idea, with ambitious, realistic goals, that would benefit our whole community.  Education is a catalyst for so many changes and brings opportunity to those who may initially not see that as a possibility.  When education opportunities and results improve, our whole community and state are improved.

How does your day-to-day work relate to the 90% by 2020 Partnership?
My current role at work encompasses long range planning, quarterly forecasting, monthly financials and ensuring the employees, managers, supervisors and executives are kept up to date on financial performance as it ties to the work being done.  I bring my experience with data analysis and review to the work of the Data Team in the Kindergarten Network.

What do you hope for the future of the network/projects?
I hope that we can build a solid base and show the community that these efforts are productive.  We are striving to help the kids in our area to be as prepared as they should be for kindergarten, and that will hopefully have a ripple effect upward as they transition from elementary, to junior high, to high school and beyond.

Use three words to describe your 90% by 2020 experience thus far:

  • Exciting
  • Positive
  • Motivating