A Rigorous Approach


Individuals and organizations from our whole community are working together alongside schools and families to address the issues that undermine student performance. 

90% by 2020’s goals, decisions and action plans are based on objective, measurable information; we are driven by local data and informed by community expertise gathered through community conversations along with national research.  Agencies, organizations and individuals who engage in this work commit to sharing data and measurements and hold one another accountable for results.

Over 40 of Anchorage's business, education, nonprofit and community leaders have come together to form the Leadership Team driving 90% by 2020.  Three committees (Community Will Building, Investment and Data) work alongside the Leadership Team to integrate efforts, support communication and provide guidance.

United Way of Anchorage provides backbone support to bring participants together, build public will, mobilize funding and engage volunteers.

90% by 2020 is a member of the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network, a national network of communities working to improve education success for every child through a data-driven, quality collective impact approach.

Connected by their work on the ground, members are committed to sharing knowledge, building upon what works and driving action to improve key outcomes along every child’s path to education success.