Community + schools

For the past 3 years, 90%  by 2020 has been able to partner with 4 schools in the Anchorage School District to get students experiencing challenges the right services at the right time. We are excited to announce that we will be expanding into 4 new schools this year! Our schools include College Gate Elementary, Lake Otis Elementary, Airport Heights Elementary, Wendler Middle School, Nunaka Valley Elementary, Scenic Park Elementary, Susitna Elementary and Russian Jack Elementary.

What does right student, right support, right time mean? Imagine there's a fourth grader whose parents both work 2 jobs to make ends meet. Sometimes this student has a hard time focusing in class, and could really benefit from some extra help in an after school club, but can't go because they won't have a way to get home. 

That's where Community + Schools comes in. Our team works with the teacher and parents to not only get that student enrolled in the after school club, but to make sure they have transportation to get home. 

And Community + Schools can help with a number of things - access to food, child care, transportation, clubs, tutoring and more. What's exciting is that we know that students who are getting these supports end up with higher attendance rates! In the 2016 - 2017 school year, we were able to connect 94 students to 135 supports. 

PLUS System Attendance Graph.jpg


With the help of already existing structure from the Anchorage School District, Community + Schools  is able to help students get the supports they need at no cost to the family. The close partnership we have with schools and teachers also allows students to get continual monitoring so we can see how their progress is going.