Student Design Contest Entries, 2015

This entry included an Artist Statement:

 From the moment that we found out about this contest, Ally and I were hooked. We were very excited to participate in it because we strongly believe that attendance is a big issue in schools in our area. We decided to come up with a slogan that would catch the eye while also being easy to remember. C.A.B came from the examples of reasons why many do not attend school: Choice, Avoidance, and Barriers. With this, we came to the conclusion that success is achieved by overcoming the things that cause the absences. In our depiction of our slogan, we have placed many of the ways one could show the barriers (brick wall), choices (road), and avoidance (the no-symbol) amongst a way to balance the scale, and encourage good grades. With this, we hope to have many see the ways they could attain a life of fulfillment through education.