Subway of alaska

Since 1988, Subway of Alaska has been committed to investing in dozens of youth-related organizations.  It’s a company that believes business support of children and youth is a key ingredient in getting better academic results for kids and also in building a stronger workforce and economy and a safer, more engaged community.

Each year, Subway of Alaska fills hundreds of requests for donated subs and snacks and also maintains longstanding funding partnerships with groups including the Alaska Schools Activities Association, Healthy Futures, YMCA Recreation League, The Children’s Lunch Box and Math Counts.  The Subway “peel-a-deal” Fundraising Card Program supports efforts by youth groups and sports teams statewide. 

In addition to donating money and food, Subway encourages employees to volunteer as judges in science fairs, read with students and help out at math competitions.  They’ve invited students to learn about the behind-the-scenes production process at their facilities, giving kids a real-world example of how STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills are used in the workplace. 

Subway also recognizes the need to prepare youth for entry level career opportunities and to support employees at all levels with growth opportunities.  Staff take part in job fairs and perform mock interviews in partnership with Nine Star Education & Employment Services and Covenant House.  Subway also offers an annual employee scholarship to cover college tuition, fees, books, room and board.

Chris Wilson, Vice President of Subway of Alaska, leads by example in promoting this corporate value of community investment.  He was instrumental as a co-founder of the School Business Partnership program with the Anchorage School District 24 years ago based on the belief that businesses should step up as key partners in supporting schools and students.  The program has grown to include more than 540 partnerships with an economic value of over $2.5 million.  Subway of Alaska currently partners with four schools – Abbott Loop Elementary, Susitna Elementary, Government Hill Elementary and Girdwood.

Since 1993, when Chris and I began working together, he has embraced the philosophy of this company to give back to the community,” says Steve Adams, owner of Subway Alaska.   “We have Chris to thank for his tireless effort in this commitment. Chris has gone beyond company involvement to immersing himself to build a better community. It is my pleasure to have him on our team.”

The 90% by 2020 Community Partnership and United Way of Anchorage are grateful for Subway of Alaska’s leadership in community investment.  The impact of Subway’s diversified partnership sets a high standard for a growing number of businesses that are stepping up to with community solutions that support all our kids.

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